Launch of 'Special Review' of Assessment, Communication on Allegations of Human Rights Violations

The Interministerial Delegate for Human Rights announced, Tuesday, the launch of a "special review" which aims to carry out an action of assessment and communication regarding allegations of human rights violations, while pledging to publish, in the early months of next year, a special thematic report on the situation of human rights in the southern provinces.

In a statement, the Interministerial Delegate stressed that this initiative will essentially be carried out following a methodology that is focused on allegations regarding the exercise of the rights and freedoms of thought, opinion, expression, peaceful assembly and demonstration, association, and on allegations of torture, as well as guarantees of fair trials and the death penalty - all of which is closely linked to human rights protection and policy.

He recalled, in this regard, that in recent periods, some positions have recently assessed the situation of human rights in the Kingdom, describing it in such terms as "the return of grave violations of human rights", "the regression in human rights", or "the predominance of a security approach", while some others have called for a "human rights breakthrough".

This situation raises concerns for the Interministerial Delegate for Human Rights, in his capacity as an actor for coordination among State institutions on the human rights policy, and especially with regard to his role in light of the Royal Message on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states: "In particular, I urge the Interministerial Delegate, as part of his mandate, to attach special importance to enhancing protection in the area of human rights,” the same source underlined.

The Interministerial Delegate will draw upon publications by human rights associations that have been making annual reports. For the sake of objectivity and integrity, reference will be made to the reports they published over the past three years expressing their assessments and positions on the human rights situation. Reports by international NGOs that regularly address the human rights situation in Morocco will also be examined, according to the statement.

The Interministerial Delegate will also write to associations about their publications on the assessment of the human rights situation and trial processes.

The review will also cover reports from the National Human Rights Council, as well as reports and recommendations issued by UN mechanisms in the context of interaction on the aforementioned rights and freedoms.

At the end of this "Special Review", the Interministerial Delegate for Human Rights will publish a report on this entire process, with conclusions and recommendations, as well as his specific commitments in terms of human rights protection, which will be presented on the commemoration of the 73rd anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. At the same time, specialized thematic roundtables for dialogue will be organized with human rights actors, intellectuals, academia and media professionals on the human rights situation in relation to the report conclusions.

In addition, given the growing importance of human rights in the Southern Provinces of the Kingdom, their achievements and the challenges they are constantly facing, the Interministerial Delegate announces his commitment to publish a special thematic report on the human rights situation in the Southern Provinces in the early months of next year.

Finally, the Interministerial Delegate expresses his full readiness to participate in any dialogue that the National Human Rights Council organises with the associations and organizations concerned on the outcome of transitional justice in the kingdom.

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