Calls for tenders

Call for Projects for Civil Society Associations

Date parution 05/04/2018
Date clôture 26/04/2018

                 The Ministry of State for Human Rights launches a call for projects in favor of civil society associations to ensure their effective involvement in PANNDH implementation process.  

Focus Areas of the Call:

           This call for projects seeks to accompany PANDDH implementation via on-site action, sensitizing, advocacy, proposals and so on. In this call, the Ministry will support the following  focus areas.

  •  Projects to contribute to PANDDH dissemination, within regional and local associative network

            Building the capacities of the actors and concerned parties such as civil society, consultation bodies in the local communes and regions councils, the representatives of decentralized services and local elected officials.

  • Initiatives and projects to promote women rights and specific categories of rights (children, youth, and persons with disabilities, the elderly and refugees)

           The promotion of legal and institutional protection with a view to reinforce the roles of concerned bodies and mechanisms to ensure equality, equal opportunities, empowerment  and the fight against all forms of discrimination and violence against these groups

Projects to contribute to the implementation of the first focus area of the National Action Plan for Democracy and Human Rights (PANNDH)

             The implementation of participatory democracy mechanisms and the promotion of  the right to petition to adapt national laws to international standards and to establish territorial and security governance, freedom of assembly and association, peaceful demonstration and the promotion of integrity, transparency and accountability.

  • Initiatives and programs to promote the roles of media specialists and journalists in dealing with human rights issues

            The organization of trainings about the conventional practice of the Kingdom of Morocco and participation in the promotion and implementation of the Plan’s provisions.



         These associations should meet the following conditions:

  • A specialization  in the field confirmed by the founding statutes;
  • No running partnership with the Ministry;
  • Experience and expertise in the field of human rights;
  • Experience and expertise in one of the axes included in the announcement;
  • Expertise in planning and project management.
  • Similar partnership experience with governmental department, public institutions or other actors.


     The maximum contribution of the Ministry is fixed at the sum of 150000 MAD in which the part allocated to management should not exceed 15% of the project’s total budget.



The deadline for the submission of projects: April 26th, 2018


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